A Casting Call at the Times Square Entertainment Theatre in New York City.

Starlet Models produces short digital films for the Web and Film Festival circuit. We hold auditions and casting calls in the Times Square Entertainment Theatre in New York City. We place notices in BackStage and on the web when we are casting for a new production.

Every photo/resume/headshot submission is filed for future consideration as we develop new projects. We are very selective, however you have nothing to lose by sending us your photos and resume.

The founder of STARLETMODELS is a film graduate of Brooklyn College. We were founded for one purpose, to create outstanding films that allow acting newcomers a chance to possibly get discovered through our films.

We are proud to have been featured in our local newspaper for our upcoming short film 'Destiny's Child."

We can only audition and cast Non-Union players on a non-pay basis for our productions. We are a small independent film group. We believe that short films are a great way for aspiring actors to be seen, noticed, and discovered in the highly competitive film world. Unfortunately we can only consider players for our productions that live in New York, New Jersey unless you plan to move or live/work in the New York or surrounding areas.

One unique thing about our film group is that we do everything in house. From the writing, filming, editing, sound design, and final mix to DVD, we do it all for a fraction of the big hollywood boys. We design movie poster /dvd artwork that rivals the big studios. If you are lucky to get cast in one of our short films you will not get paid, but you will get a DVD of the film and experience/exposure. We are very aggresive about publicity, and have contacts with our local newspaper.

If you are a young undiscovered talent we will try to coach, mold, and transform you into a rising star. We are nostalgic and yearn for the return of Glamorous Hollywood old school films for a new generation to enjoy and to inspire.

If you are an actress hoping to get discovered there is no better way than being cast in a lead or supporting role in a hit digital film. Today the internet opens a world of new opportunities for actors. Suddenly the world is your stage as the web streams your film to audiences worldwide. These are exciting times for aspiring actors.

The entertainment business is extremely competitive, and we make no promises. However if we like you we will do everything we can to help you with your career. If you have a dream to be an actress do not give up. Hard work and persistence will get you through the door.

We held our wrap party this July for "Destiny's Child" and our cast received a copy of the film on DVD. Click Here to see some photos from our party.

Below is the newspaper article that featured our film group and our new film. Everyone who has seen the film gives it thumbs up.

Robert Capialbi ( Destiny's Child) with Chazz Palminteri at a Hollywood party.